Make trading fun and easy right from your Discord

Increase liquidity and upward pressure for your collection

The more liquid an asset, the higher the buy pressure. With Nonfungo your community members make offers directly from chat, increasing liquidity of the whole collection.

Uniqueness and trading data in a second

Anyone can look up an NFT by name or ID, right from Discord. They can see all the traits, and how unique they are. In an instant, they see why each asset is unique.

No Opensea API key needed

Opensea is overloaded and lots of communities have been waiting weeks and months for their key -- so bots are special!

We don't need an API key even though your collection is on Opensea. We grab the data right from the chain and with a small squad of Mr. Robots (but with cooler hoodies). The bot is setup with your collection within 24 hours.

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Let's make this easy

Nonfungo is deployed to your community as a full service.
To get started, just say hi over chat.